Our platform and team for the cost of one employee

We offer a best-of-breed platform and a full team of resources for less than the cost of one employee

Our analytics has the power to transform all aspects of your business regardless of its size. We deliver the insights you need to achieve greater effectiveness though clear and concise information presented dynamically and graphically. 

Our best-of-breed platform and a full team of resources is available to you now for less than the cost of one employee.

Analytics for small and medium businesses (SMBs)

The substantial budget and timeline required to build an analytics team and system is a major challenge for SMBs. We offer a gold standard platform and process as well as the services of a full team of experts for the cost of less than one employee.

Empirical based advocacy 

We have a proven record of delivering the analytics required to build successful empirical based advocacy programs.

Community outreach

We have leveraged authoritative multi-sector data sets to create outreach information describing the positive impacts of industry due to activity, taxes, employment, etc. This information is made available at all levels of jurisdiction for consumption by the public, community leaders and government officials.

Health, safety and environment 

We created a health safety and environment analytics program based on authoritative data sets.  Our analytics produces the information necessary to effectively identify issues, design intervention and measure intervention effect. Our solution functions at the employer, industry and sector scale and was held up as a gold standard tool in a recent review of the Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board by the provincial government.

Environmental social governance (ESG)

Any organization or industry group, seeking to improve its investment potential must be able to speak to ESG performance. Our current projects include the development of the analytics framework necessary to gather available authoritative data and generate ESG performance measures for the energy sector.  Our solution is both transparent and robust and meets the requirements of government, public, investment and insurance communities.

Financial “what-if”

Frustrated by complex financial modeling and viability projections using hard-to-maintain, highly complex, intransigent, collaboration-hindering excel sheets? Use our robust financial “what-if” platform to see massive improvements in efficiency, scalability, transparency, model accessibility and collaboration in your financial modeling.

Campaign effectiveness

Are you struggling to get a handle on running efficient campaigns to your growing customer base? Our experts have created campaign effectiveness solutions for many fortune 100 clients.

Customer behavior

Developing the understanding of customer behavior necessary to drive effective campaigns is challenging.  Sources of information and customer profiles are constantly changing. Our expertise extends to application of the technology necessary to arrive at an accurate picture of customer behavior and predictive models.

Business transformation

Are you endeavoring to operate at peak efficiency? Leverage our analytics platform and expertise to determine the areas you need to optimize to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Corporate performance management

Need a system that will look at your organization’s performance holistically? Our experts have implemented complex metric-based corporate management systems considering budgeting, sales, service, procurement, inventory, and all other areas.  Our corporate management solution will help you understand progress made towards achieving business objectives and where additional efforts are required.

Financial reporting

From balance sheets to profit-and-loss statements, to quarterly external reporting to investors, we have done it all. We build solutions that navigate the intricacies of your financial systems and extract the information required for financial reporting.

Sales process performance

Looking to understand how well your sales process is working? Unsatisfied with the reporting provided by salesforce or another platform? Need a more customized solution? We can build a system that extracts the data from your sales process management platform and create highly customized, branded reporting and analytics catering to your unique needs.

Services performance

Service organizations need to monitor and manage performance in a systematic way. We have implemented analytics systems that provide the current, clear and consistent view of an organization necessary to achieve greater effectiveness.